Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tasting Cherry Lambic

While I tried the raspberry version over a month ago I was hesitant to try this variant due to it being slightly ropey 'sick' when I bottled it. But it showed no indication of the pedio ropeyness when I cracked the bottle.  Lucky for me I had it pointed away from me, cause as soon as I took the cage off the cork came out like a bat out of hell.

      The aroma was fruity funkiness followed with a slight tart aroma.  I doubt I could pick out cherries as the smell but it was defiantly fruity.  I poured a brilliant ruby red color with great carbonation.  I was surprised as to how highly carbed this bottle was compared to the raspberry version that should have been carbed to the same level.
       The taste unfortunately didn't have near the same level of tartness as the raspberry version, which could only be due to the natural tartness of the raspberries adding to the sourness of the lambic.  This version is shows off the brett and fruit were the raspberry shows off the lacto and pedio.  I really expected this version to be more sour with how ropey the pedio got.
        Over all I am very happy with both versions and will increase the amount of space I put towards my yearly lambic brewing.  I cant wait to see how this change over the years, if I can wait that long.

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