Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tasting Raspberry Lambic

I finally got around to tasting my Raspberry Lambic that was bottled in the beginning of October.  Not only was I pleased with the final product, nicely carbed, decidedly tart with a mild amount of funk and great raspberry taste.  It has an amazing dark ruby color and I got to share the first bottle with friends and family.

I traveled to our annual family Christmas in Clarkston with half of my family.  I decided it would be a great time to finally sample my Raspberry Lambic that I had been waiting three years for.  I also got to pour it out of my fancy new lambic box!

Initially trying to get the cork out of the bottle was very difficult which lead me to believe that I had no or very little carbonation. I actually had to use a wine corker to get it out.  But as soon as it popped it started foaming in the bottle and gave me a nice mess on the counter, but at least it was carbonated.  It poured with a slight head that quickly dissipated.  It was a fantastic dark ruby color and its aroma was tart raspberry's with mild funk.  The taste followed the nose with tart raspberries up front and a mild funkiness at the end.  I was very pleased with the final product and cant wait to see how it changes over time.  The people at the party that were beer drinkers seemed to think it was pretty good also.  While the non-beer drinkers thought I was serving them vinegar.

Overall I view this as a success, I would like to develop more of the mineral aftertaste you get in other commercial lambics but other than that it was very close.  This gives me reason to step up my sour producing program and plan on experimenting with other non-traditional fruits next summer for the next round of fruit lambics.

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