Friday, October 4, 2013

Valpo Brewfest and Old Ale rebrew

I got to spend the last weekend going to Valpo Brewfest along with visiting 3 Floyds and Figure 8 Brewing with my wife, uncle and 2 friends.  Valpo and 3 Floyds was a great time, Figure 8 not so much.
Valpo had a nice crowd and plenty of tasty beer to try.  I got to try a Bourbon Barrel aged Cherry Stout from Crown Brewing that was fantastic.  After the fest we hit Figure 8 Brewing up for some food and after drinks.  Their brewery and eating area was impressive but the beer and food was just average.

The next day we went to 3 Floyds for lunch.  The food and beer on tap was amazing unfortunately the beer to go was almost sold out and I wasn't able to load up on Zombie Dust and Gumball Head like I had hoped.

Once I got home I rebrewed one of my favorite brews I have made, an Old Ale w/ Brett  Unfortunately I didn't have any Brett so I used one of my remaining Old Ales from last time poured into the wort to hopefully inoculate.  I also didnt bother with boiling down the first runnings to a caramel like I did last time.  I didnt notice any benefit for the added work.  d

Valpo Brewfest

 Figure 8 Brewing, some people cant handle a day of drinking.

Me and the lady at FFF

 I am glad I decided to hook up the blow off or I would have had a mess.
Old Lone Wolf V2.0

Recipe Specifics
Batch Size (Gal): 6
Total Grain (Lbs): 15 lbs 10 oz
Anticipated OG: 1.071
Anticipated SRM: 23
Anticipated IBU: 72
Brewhouse Efficiency: 70 %
Wort Boil Time: 60 minutes

61.3% - 10lbs Golden Promise
18.4% - 3lb 2 row
6.9% - 1lb 2oz Aromatic Malt
3.1% - 8oz Crystal 40
3.1% - 8oz Crystal 120
3.1% - 8oz Roasted Barley
4.2% - Candi Sugar Amber

2oz Calypso (12.8AA) 60 Min

WLP022 - Essex Ale - 2l Starter

Mash Schedule
Sacch Rest 60 min @ 152

Mash Out 10 mins @ 168

10-4-13 -10 hours later had high krausen up to airlock, quickley switched to a blowoff and had copious blowoff for the next 10 hours.

10-17-13 - Transferred to secondary on 3 oz Hungarian Oak cubes that had been soaked in Dominican Rum

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