Friday, August 30, 2013

Tasting the Berliner

I finally got around to opening my final bottle of my Berliner Weiss I brewed in 2010.
The beer was always a good summer beer, light easy to drink with just a slight bit of tartness.  But I was really hoping with time the tartness would increase and the Brett would start added some interesting aromas and flavor.

The beer poured crystal clear with lively carbonation.  The wife mentioned it looked like champagne and I have to agree.  Large head quickly fell to a small ring.  Aroma was tart pie cherries presumably from the Brett with a small amount of lactic and graininess.

Taste was slightly grainy with a small amount of lactic twang  but was primarily Brett.  While it improved with age the acidity never seemed to increase.  I was pleased with the addition the Brett finally made and was happy that a 3.5% abv stood up to 3 years in the cellar I need to find away to increase acidity for the next batch.  I brewed this one with the Wyeast Berliner Blend and think I will try the White Labs blend for the next batch.

Overall the beer was enjoyable and darn close to what I was shooting for.  If I increase the acidity for the next batch it will be my perfect summer beer.

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